Mijn naam is David van der Ploeg. Ik heb sinds 2018 gewerkt als freelance grafisch ontwerper. Sinds mei 2021 werk ik bij Creative Agency Viastory mee aan de strategie en ontwerpen voor verschillende organisaties zoals Nedlin, het Vista College en Maas Cleanup.

Wat ik doe

Visuele identiteit
Grafisch ontwerp

Begin altijd bij het waarom.

Why, why, why? Well, now I have introduced myself briefly, it might be nice to tell you more about why I do what I do. Do you remember that time when you tried to buy tickets for the metro in a foreign city and did not have a clue how to get to your destination? Or that time that you wanted to buy some shoes online, but had to fill in three forms before you could even pay them and let them be delivered? Terrible, isn’t it?

Well, I like things that work. I like things that work smoothly and that are easy to understand and work with. Everything around us, has been given form in some way. I see it as my personal goal to design websites and applications in the best way possible to make to connect people and make life less frustrating, and more fun.

Mijn ervaring

Trainee Strategie & Ontwerp
Mei 2021 — Nu
Daaf Design
Freelance Ontwerper
Juli 2018 — Mei 2021
Rabobank Innohub
Stagiair Visual Design
Maart 2018 — Juli 2018

Van begin tot eind.

In my role as digital designer, I worry about more than cool colors and pretty pictures. I help all kinds of entrepreneurs with defining their business goals and understand the needs and challenges of their customers. By interviewing them, we can create so called personas and user stories. These are collections of different kinds of people and the journey they follow to get what they were looking for. These make it possible to put ourselves in their perspective and design meaningful and mainly relevant customer experiences by making the website or application as intuitive as possible.

Resultaat telt.

In the last years, I have helped a restaurant owner, a consultancy, and more clients by designing their websites and making it possible for their customers to find them online, see what their services are and to get in contact very easy. After defining the business goals and customer challenges, I create low-fidelity wireframes to check if we are going into the right direction with the layout and userflow. Once we are on the same line, I design a high-fidelity prototype with the right images, videos and copywriting to test with a couple of users and adjust where necessary. After the design is approved, I send it to my partner for development. And then, finally, once the last bugs (cool term for mistakes) are fixed, we are ready to launch!

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